How To Identify The Right Implant Size For Your Body Frame

How To Identify The Right Implant Size For Your Body Frame

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The size of your breasts is mainly determined by your genes which influence the level of your hormones. The hormones in turn affect the density of the breast tissue. Your genes determine the amount of fatty tissue and breast tissue contained in your breasts. The genes also determine the quality of the skin on your breasts.

Normally, you will notice that your breasts are not exactly the same which does not pose much of a problem. The problem occurs when there is a significant difference in the breasts. You may also have extremely small breasts for your body shape or you may desire to have larger breasts. You can therefore opt to have breast implants to give you the breasts that you desire.

What Is A Breast Implant Surgery?

A breast implant surgery is a technique that is used to increase the size of the breasts. A medical prosthesis known as a breast implant is inserted into the breast. An incision is made at the crease of the breast through which the implant is inserted. You have to be in good physical health before your surgeon allows you to go through the surgery. Your breasts have to be fully developed and it is important to have realistic expectations.

If your breasts are significantly different from each other, the surgery can be used to make them symmetrical. You can also benefit from the surgery if your breasts did not develop normally during puberty.

Types Of Breast Implants

The two main types of implants are the silicone gel implants and the saline solution implants. The silicone gel implants have an outer shell that is made from silicone and they are then filled with a silicone gel. The silicone gel implants are normally round in shape, but there is a variation of silicone implants which are teardrop shaped. The round and tear drop shaped implants are available in various profiles.

The profile of the implant determines the level of projection. You can opt for implants with a low profile, moderate profile, high profile or extra high profile. You can also go for the ultra high profile implants. The teardrop shaped implants can have one of three bases – a short oval base, a round base or a long oval base.

Saline implants are filled with a salt solution which is absorbed into the body when the implant ruptures. Saline implants ripple a lot and do not have the natural feel of breasts.

Breast Implant Sizes

There are a wide variety of breast implant sizes and you can get a bit confused when trying to select the right size for your body. Your surgeon will guide you in selecting a size that will be suitable for your body frame. The density of your breast tissue is a factor that will determine the size of implants that will be suitable for you. The surgeon will also consider your preference but will caution you against choosing a size that may cause damage to your breast tissues.

Breast implant sizes are expressed in cubic centimeters (cc). Your surgeon will take measurements of your breasts to help him determine the best size for you. Selecting the right size of implants is important so that you will not feel the need to undergo the surgery again to reduce or increase the size.